Image by Sergey Nemo from Pixabay

The Unconnected Connections

the color of the sky and me coalesced.
A thick strong bond of smoke and dust
under naked heavens-
Celestial bodies of black sun and red moon.

I was born with a cord of
twisted fibers that tied the bundle of me together.

At birth
my umbilical refused to heal,
leaving a scar of my escape
from heaven to earth:
A cicatrices,
identical to the one Mome bears on her tummy.

We all bear this mark
somewhere beneath there,
shaped in our own handwritings.

a signature to the wars ahead –
from birth to death,
having escaped the boundaries of a holy capture,
into the confinement of earthly Freedom.

Eden Benibo is a Nigerian poet and writer, currently transcending the phase of only inking the stories she bears, to voicing them. The art of writing and story telling is her essence.

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