Of things that never change


There are scars we won’t outgrow
Cuts too deep for time to heal
We carry them in our breaths
Sometimes they smell ancient forming
Lumps within our nostrils and when
We try sniffing them out they become
Butterflies in our belly
There are wars we neither win nor lose too
Time only hijacks them when we grow wary
& pass them on to our offspring
Leaving them to battles that were never theirs
I listen to my neighbour groan all night
He stares at the wall then cries when they
Suddenly begin to scare him
The aged often forget how to name their fears
It’s been seven years since his wife and daughter
Crashed with the aircraft
& since then he’s been living with ghosts
Walls and strange silence
The loss never stopped haunting him
There are bullets that cut and follow us to
The grave too
They sit on our tombs, draw fadeouts on the
Portraits that survive us and set landmines where
Our memories best get watered.


Micheal Ace is a poet and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. A computer scientist who has a strong passion for literature. He has authored two poetry chapbooks titled ‘Sermon from a Stammerer’ and ‘Scarlet Silk’. His works have appeared in various magazines and journals across Africa including Lunaris Review, Wildwound Review, Pin Quarterly Journal, Tuck Magazine and so on. He believes the world is too complex for a pen to remain idle.

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