Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay


How do I tell my boyfriend that I lost my virginity to my father?
Will he ask me what I was wearing?
Or if he was drunk?
Or if he mistook me for my mum?
Or call me a slut for seducing my father?
Will he believe that I didn’t ask for it?
Or that I fought him hard until I passed out?
Most importantly,
Will he still ask me to call him ‘daddy’ during sex?


I want to live in a world
Where being told uko na umama
Is the highest compliment you can get
Because women are tender and loving,
Nurturing, caring, hardworking, resilient
And oh so beautiful!

I want to live in a world
Where being called a ‘pussy’
Is the most beautiful name
Because pussies are … god!
The most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I want to live in a world
Where being told ‘grow a pair’
Refers to a pair of boobs
Because boobs are so squishy and soft
And they provide food for humanity

*Umama – Swahili for femininity. (Often used derogatively)
*Uko na umama – Swahili for ‘you are like a woman’ (Used as an insult especially to men to denote weakness by being likened to women)


My boyfriend has a female body
He embodies the charisma of a man
And the beauty of a woman
His handsomeness is beautiful
His masculine female curves so enchanting

My boyfriend has a female body
And no,
That does not make him less of a man
Or more of a woman

Billy Billima is a queer trans poet and photographer from Kenya. They also advocate for LGBTIQ Rights. They are slowly learning to put out their poetry without feeling naked.

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