Trainstorms in opium garden


life is high in a garden of trance
hash, trash and blue
now I am sophomore deciphering streetlights
concave beams permeating through a city of crimes and chaos

sociology of streetlights is complex
“I think therefore I am”
“I think therefore I am”
“I think therefore I am”
what a farce

I don’t even think often through the streetlights nor the dark streets
where laughters often get fossilized to screams
desires bent into horror
lust into blood and men into beasts
consent reduced into thrusts
what a farce

I am even though I don’t think
I were even though I didn’t think
I shall be even though

this city of crimes and chaos is a city of traffic
this city is a wagon of poppies with square wheels
trainstorms in its traffic of vast life is a carnival of dust
a carnival of dust and disquiet

in this carnival how easily I forget the dark gullies of shame in

hash, trash and blue
hash, trash and blue

there HE stands with a social contract in his hands
witnessing modern Draupadis
bleeding red into a garden of trance
yet she rises and rises to mock HIS fractions of deaf conscience
scattered across the gullies without streetlights

oh god
this traffic has grown too much
inside me into me from me
I am high on this traffic
is indifference the name of sanity?
what a shame
what a shame
I am therefore I don’t think
you are therefore you don’t think
trainstorms hitting these streetlights like an explosion
strangling a garden of opium
that’s what I am
hash,trash and blue


Debasish Parashar is an art and culture enthusiast, singer, lyricist, multilingual poet based in New Delhi, India. He is an Assistant Professor of English literature at the University of Delhi. He has sung for ‘In Search of God’ and ‘Raag’. His write-up on Majuli has been listed amongst top 100 online #worldheritagesites stories globally in May 2016 by Agilience Authority Index. His works have appeared in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Scarlet Leaf Review, Enclave/Entropy, Indiana Voice Journal, Asian Signature, Five2One, Mused, Gazeta National (Albanian translations), Muse India, The Australia Times and elsewhere. Debasish’s works are featured in three international anthologies namely ‘Where Are You From?’ (New York), ‘Apple Fruits of an Old Oak’ (U.S.A) and ‘Dandelion in a Vase of Roses’ (U.S.A). Find him on and MrDevParashar@twitter.

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