Oh, this Travelogue
Is a travelogue of all the unanswered questions
A varied narrative of questions
It begins from you and ends at your footsteps
Oh, this travelogue

That for which I searched every nook and corner of my heart
Was hidden there, deep within me
A travel narrative of all the answers I seek
I’ve taken the first step forward from my end
You too, take a step forward
So that we can make the ends meet

A long travelogue of thoughts
A travelogue of lights hidden within darkness
Time such that is old, and new as well
A travelogue,
Containing examples of love

Oh, this travelogue
A varied narrative of life
Across time and space
With some hidden text written between lines

A travelogue of all my journeys
An account of all my adventures
All of them began from you,
And will end the moment I meet you

This travelogue,
A chronicle of all my escapades
These aren’t merely fictional accounts
All of these echo my search for you

Through all my journeys
I try to unearth the happiness
Of being with you
In sickness and in health
In life, and in death

To find you, I’ve walked through barren lands
But couldn’t find a trace of you
Still wandering from door to door
It’s turning out to be an unending search….

Gulraj Singh Bedi, 22 years old, is a student of Indian Institute of Mass
Communication, an ardent political thinker, and a poet. I believe that every
coin has got two sides. It becomes very important for all of us as
individuals and moreover as responsible citizens of the society and our
country to raise our voice against something we deem is not appropriate.
Governments, have their own policies, their own agendas, but at the end of
the day, it is the individual who matters.

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