Welcome Three New Praxists

As you may have noticed our weekly columns have been on a lull for a while. We wish to apologize to our readers — both those who have written to us in the past couple of months to enquire about the columns and those who wrote to enquire or complain about one thing or the other. We are sorry for suspending the columns without warning.

We are happy to inform you all that we are bringing back the Hausa and Movie Review Columns. Sada Malumfashi is replacing Maryam Aliko as moderator for the Hausa Column whereupon he shall be working with our Editor for Hausa Literature, Professor Ibrahim Malumfashi who also happens to be his father. Maryam Aliko who started the column is away tending to a reading campaign for primary school students. Assisting Sada in his new position is Umar Saleh. The movie review column, Tracks & Pages remains under the moderation of Echezonachukwu Nduka.

When Praxis Magazine started on the 20th day of April 2015 we hoped for a smooth ride but prepared for a tough journey. We did not set out to change the literary world and we never bothered with trying to become the best. We simply wanted to try something new and have fun while providing value. This passion has grown tougher than we envisaged; running Praxis Magazine has been a labour of love all the way.

What we want to do – and have already started doing – is to initiate conversations, debates, and provide artists with a platform to express themselves and experiment as they grow their craft. We have learned a lot in the past one year and have even had to reshuffle the Praxis Team.

New Additions to Praxis

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of two new Editors and a Country Content Manager to the Praxist Family:

Laura Kaminski, Chapbook Editor: Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba) grew up in northern Nigeria, went to school in New Orleans, and currently lives in rural Missouri. She is an Editor at Right Hand Pointing and the author of several chapbooks and poetry collections, most recently Dance Here (2015, Origami Books, an imprint of Parrésia Publishers Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria) and Considering Luminescence (2015. Read more about the Praxis Mastheads here

Laura has so far edited three poetry chapbooks with a good number lined up for publication. You may want to savour some of the chapbooks here.

Clifford Oppong Benjamin, Country Content Manager Ghana: Oppong Clifford Benjamin is a Civil Engineer by profession (but a poet at heart) and is currently reading his postgraduate degree. His works have been recognized both nationally and internationally. His poems were featured in Kwee Magazine (Liberian National Magazine), The Portor Portor by Forte Othniel (an international anthology which featured12 emerging and established poets like Professor Anthea Mark-Romeo and Jack Kolkmeyer, both are renowned poets.), the UK poetry library. He has read his poems in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Russia. An emerging literary organizer, Clifford runs the vivacious Ghana Writes.

Emmanuel Dairo, Associate Editor: Emmanuel Dairo is a writer and editor. He has worked on several book projects including The Sky Is Our Earth, a recent anthology of 50 young Nigerian poets. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from the University of Lagos. Beyond a few poems in literary journals, he is content with hiding his creative talents under a bushel (or in his laptop), in the meantime, while his critical and editorial sides blossom.

We shall be making further announcements in the near future on our partnerships and new family members. Yes, we are a family at Praxis and it is with great pleasure that we officially welcome the three newest Praxists: Emma, Halima and Cliff!


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