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This is how you love
without breaking:
Look away
and do not see
the night time in his soul
the void, giving life
to his silence
as the darkness whispers, ‘I love you’
with the face of a mortal man
from that cold and empty place

Look away
and do not hear
the clock- ticking
to the many times rage
gave way to pain
as he took your light away
leaving nothing
not his love
not the darkness of his soul
to save you

You must not remember
this soul,
beating in the heart of a stranger
as yours
They were
the fragments of yourself you gave
he took this flesh for a tomb
and buried his demons
in the ecstasy of night time
since you could not bear the light
not anymore
or look him in the eye
and see a monster there

Mayor Prosper Ihechi is a writer, poet, amateur photographer, and a lover of good music, movies, and Art in all its forms. He writes to silence the voices in his head (because they are always talking), and to make known everything he cannot say aloud. Born in Rivers State, Nigeria, he currently resides in Enugu State, a fourth year student of Law in The University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is also the head of Geek’s Cave Literary Agency, a firm dedicated to easing the writing process. He can be contacted via

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