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Winter Birthday II


In the arc of your first days,
Or perhaps your last not-yet days,
You were kindled by the early
Balmy breeze and thawing rains
And you hunkered, sheltered,
Incubated for those several long
And heaving months of heat, and
When the colors warmed and
The air cooled and the killing winds
Made their landfall, you were
Running drills and testing edges.
Now is the time.
Now is the time.
The first chill has fallen
Join us on the field, bear
The warmth you gathered in our
Bricks and sheets and soil.
Reveal yourself — You are
Summer’s warrior, here at last
To set smoke to these days clarity
And fire to their cold.


Jesse Miksic is a graphic designer and writer living in Peekskill, New York. He spends his life hanging out with a wonderful wife and daughter, and cycling rapidly through projects that rarely seem to get finished. His poetry appears in Right Hand Pointing (issue 116), West Texas Review (April 2018), American Journal of Poetry (July 2018), and others. He can be tracked on Twitter and Instagram (@miksimum) or on his personal website,

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