A (wo) man is nothing without her hair


Mama asks me why my hair is kinky-
Why i leave it uncombed like a madman’s
is this how you intend to get me a son-in-law?
Do you not see it is against the law?
Besides how are you to become a lawyer with such hair?
How would you represent a client in court?
i would not have you grow rogue under my roof
bhon a kæke happen!
What will my tankäas think of me?
You will straighten your hair with the Dark and lovely relaxer i got for you
Your hair will be soft and silky like Mariah Carey’s
Don’t you want that?


Mama i am growing braids of history i say
A strand for the memories of my kin erased
A strand for the generation of kin unborn
i tuck on my lips and ask her to remember the story of Samson
Mama a (wo) man is nothing without her hair
Besides Kinky is the new vogue mama
You should check out Lupita Nyong’o & Viola Davis
Remember Bob Marley & Lucky Dube?
All celebrities yet they wore their hair natural
i will not be stretched like a rubber band
i will not twist and fold like clay
i am just too brazen for that mama
The melanin on my skin is a thousand shades of non-conformism
Mama let me wear my hair as i please
Do not be the Delilah of my life


She sighs and looks away.


Awanto Margaret is a twenty-two year old Cameroonian. Her works have appeared on Tushstories and Tuck Magazine. Find her on Twitter as @Margaret_awanto

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