International women's day anthology
© Daniel John Tukura (Tee Jay Dan)

by Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim


Oh, my mother! I love you so much
That I cannot close my eyes without seeing you
Your are a precious stone,
Whose value will never fade away
You sacrificed sleep to see me succeed
When something pains me,
You be the first to feel it
You bathed, clothed and backed me when ever I cried
Either in the morning or at night
I urinated and stooled on your clothes
But you still backed me after washing them

Dear my mother,
I will never deny your hands
That held me for many months
Since from birth till childhood
I must appreciate you for feeding me,
Taking good care of me, and
For not letting me go on the streets like others

If I shall live till that time when I will be rich
Rich like a gold
I will buy you a house of prestige
A house made of gold
Not as reward
Because I can not pay you:
Your time, unforgettable labour pains
And sacrifices made for me
You tends to be an umbrella
Just to cover me from rain or sun
Just to make me safe and heal my health

Dear my mother,
If you shall live long on earth healthy,
I will show you that love:
Which a child shows to his mother
I shall not be like that pepper
That calls tears out of women’s eyes
Nor shall I be like an onion
That makes eyes to flood like a large body of water
So I shall not let you shed tears
Talk less of hear you cry
With my own ears
So long as I breath on earth
I shall honor and respect you to my ability

If I shall live for a million of years
I will spend ninety nine thousand years
Looking over you without showing any sign of tiredness
I know I cannot pay you back
Even the smoke that makes you smell
The heat that makes you sweat


poem: Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young Nigerian poet, playwright and author. He was born in the year 2001. He attended Gombe Children School for his nursery and primary education. He is a final year student at Gombe High School, Gombe, Gombe state. He is a member of Poets In Nigeria, Gombe Connect Centre. His works of poetry have appeared in Tuck Magazine.

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