Image by Graham Holtshausen from Pixabay


Yes, I am pulling over.
I’m moving away from this path,
the relentless rat-race to super – modernity.
I’m leaving behind the gadgets,
bought to make others go gaga.
I’m leaving behind the photo shopped selfies,
shot sitting on fabulous Ferraris,
shot climbing jumbos in black,
a dollar – a day – jungle cities.
You can move on,
and leave me behind….
No more proving a point to exes,
No more
‘my life is better than yours’ reflexes.
I’m moving to a quiet African Village,
to live in forest foliage and tradition.
To lie beside the quiet river Honia, pure,
cure my soul with silence and serenity.
Eat filling foods from the farm.
Enjoy freely given gift of warm embrace
from kith and kin.
Enjoy the simple conversation of a village girl,
while seated on the stones
beside the village stream.
Perhaps enjoy love, pure, unpolluted,
like the fresh milk in the rubindi.
Dance to songs whose meaning I know,
embrace the warm heart of Africa.
Mourn a way of life that was
But soon is not meant to be.

Peel Maina is a Kenyan teacher of English and Literature. His critical essays have appeared in the Nation newspaper. His short story, ‘Guilt’, was published in early 2020 by ActiveMuse, an online Journal of Literature and the arts based in India. He is currently working on his first novel. He lives in Kenya. Reach him on Twitter @MainaPeel.

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