A Ciza, A Hura (Carrot $ Stick)

A Ciza, A Hura na Aliyu Wali

Toh Bismillahi
Ga wasu baitoci
Nima in samu in shiga layi
In tofa nawa albarkaci
Don in kara bayani

Wake ne aka yo zubi
Ga Bahaushe dan asali
Toh idan an tashi, anyi shiri
Wa’ke mai taken ‘Ban Haushi’
Zai fi a hada da yabo agareshi

A ciza a hura zaifi
Don hangen nesa shine nufi(n)
Fadakarwar zube don ayi tuni
Jejjefa kalamai na yabo ba laifi
Don yau ‘gangarka’ kai ke bugi!

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Carrot & Stick by Aliyu Wali

Bismillahi Doctor here is verse
A Footstep trace
Attempting The Hall; to grace
With words I show face
As it seems we’re in a race
This marathon needs pace
So when set and ready to ace
One’s watch should be word interlace
Weaving Admonition with Praise
Of Hausas in History; their Place
Reproach and critique already have a base
When in reform, let us efface
Negative; in its stead commendation should replace
For to have a complete brace
Our horn we blow ourselves these days!

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