Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature is a digital company whose mission Statement is to create a rallying point for writers and artists to commune and progress their craft(s). The magazine showcases unique arts, literature, podcasts and performance poetry from both established and emerging writers, artists and poets.

Praxis also offers the following services;
* We organize Literary events coverage across Africa
* We empower emerging writers and artists.
* We provide platform support for literary festivals and art organizations across the world.
* We promote podcast culture in Africa through Interviews and discussions on matters concerning Arts and Literature in Africa as well as Spoken Word poetry.
* We provide promotional services for publishers and independent authors. If you want us to help you sell your work, leave a message for our marketing team via editorial@praxismagonline.com.

We are open for submissions all year round, Articles on any form of art or introduce any particular artists. Click here to see submission guidelines for Praxis Magazine for arts and literature.

For any questions or bookings, or to request a media pack, please email info@praxismagonline.com or call +2348053572238