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Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature serves as a catalog of literary events by way of covering and archiving such events wherever they take place, whenever.

The magazine creates a befitting romance between literature and technology. To achieve this we have created platforms for the following:

PODCASTS: Audios of spoken poetry, special interviews of poets and literary colossus are uploaded and archived here for lovers of literature to access at any time. This is an ageless development for literature in Nigeria, and Africa. We also hope to use podcast to revive and sustain orature as a form of art!

AFRICAN: We interested in publishing and promoting essays, short stories, and poems succinctly written or recited in indigenous African languages.

REVIEWS: Subdivided into BOOKS and MOVIES, readers and fans get the chance to write and enjoy reviews of books they read or movies they see.

RESOURCES: Here, in the writer’s corner, helpful writing tips from seasoned writers shall be published on a regular basis. Also, on a monthly basis, seasoned writers/filmmakers/artists will be featured on the magazine where their lives and literary achievements will be chronicled. This is our way of celebrating our own icons.

CONTESTS: This is a delicate part of our magazine. We intend to find and expose hidden talents to the world by organizing contests in poetry, short stories, essays, and screenplays. Besides the accompanying prizes, winners and the winning piece will receive due publicity. In the case of screenplays, winners will be introduced to film companies where they could sell their winning scripts. All short stories and essays will be published in the print copy of the magazine.

BLOG: We publish Poems, Essays, Short Stories, and Interviews here. All in English Language.

PRINTS: Despite the role of technology and social media nowadays, the traditional way of publication is still ever relevant. Therefore, Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature will run on prints as a biannual publication. Its print publications shall be based on special collections, such that will make the venture worthwhile. It is our intention to make the biannual publication a laboratory for writers where researches on writing shall be published and experimentation in style and form encouraged.

RELATED: Get published – Call for Submissions