Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash


of me as a bird. colorful. gracefully exploring the courage of towering mountains
& pregnant skies-
without clipping my wings in fear-
without cowering to the silhouettes of uncertainties, lurking.
in mockery of me. I think

of me as the sun, a colossal ball of brilliance. as the shimmering stars that breathe life
into a joyless night. & my body
embodies the fineness
of a full moon, the poise of a peacock &
the equanimity of water. I think

of me as a conqueror. El valiante-
the brave one.
slashing through manacles, glaring
in contempt. eyes, reeking of envy as
these scars garnish my skin. I think

of me as a blazing inferno, a soft blanket of hope
& love,
in its purest form…

but my head is a barn of stringed doubts.
I don’t know…

HAMEEDAH ARUWA is a literary aficionado, a sprouting writer from Nigeria. She writes poetry and prose. She participated in the Prof. Jimoh Talent Hunt, where she emerged the best prose writer in December, 2019. She cherishes the art of poetry & looks forward to sharing more of her works.

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