Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

Perfection is fake

I was passing by and saw a tree
Tied with ropes
A wood attached
To help It grow straight
Or tilt the other way
I stared at it for some seconds more
Somehow, I relate to its agony
The tree knows how it wants to spread its branches
But it’s restricted
People say “You can be whoever you want to be”
But they won’t let you ‘be’
They can’t stand seeing you different
They are used to ‘normal’
But you are ‘rare’
Sometimes, you can’t just outgrow what you’ve been fed
The restrictions that you can only be this and not that
A tree can never outgrow its roots
It can however, learn to grow
Without letting it restrict its flow
When they tell you “You can’t grow that way”
Spread your branches
Pierce through
Shed off what they feed you, bloom
In ways they can only take shade beneath you.

Hassana Ibrahim Danyerwa with the pen name Janaan.Dy, is a graduate of Engineering on paper, but a writer by heart. She lives in Maiduguri, Borno state, Nigeria. She uses her pen to write to an audience that won’t listen to her, otherwise. On days when the world around her collapses, she goes to the blank pages of her book and rebuilds the world in a much wonderful way.

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