Image by adriannesquick from Pixabay


Through a tear in the wall,
a door opens to a door-less hall.

There is a back door to the past,
opening relatively, tentatively at every

check point where souls sit and watch their reflection.
The beautiful thing about looking at your reflection

is that at certain points during the day
stray beams brings back fractions of your blown self

you don’t know still live under your skin.
We often walk away from ourselves, into this involuntary numbness.

There is a contention inside us.
We’re always at a crossroad
that’s leading to another crossroad.

That’s to say there is no way out of this mash Land.

To have been able to come to terms with myself
have been my major unlikely victory so far.

Coming to terms with my too long list of queries.
My dead end plans.

My disarrayed hormones.
And my never enough time syndrome.

Making peace with myself
is my most significant triumph.

Joseph Hope is writing from Nigeria, a student of Usman Danfodio University. He has been published in PRAXIS Magazine, Spillwords, SprinNG, Writers Space Africa, Nthanda Magazine, Ariel Chart, Best “New” African Poets 2019 Anthology, and many more. He’s a young man running away from his name. How absurd!

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