How We Spell Fear In Ekosodin


your own shadow will betray you.

your fear will set you on fire.
hold yourself like a conversation.
save your body from armies of death.

fear everybody. light will give you away;
say a prayer for yourself. marry darkness.

find a body to worship, hold it like god’s own.
you are a fine work of disaster. you will break.
you will burn. the stars say you will need to sink
to float. start somewhere. find a way to die.

we are burning here. our homes are lost in fire.
a student is yelling. we forget his name and
run. we are airplanes missing side wings.
we will disappear.

it fears us. to it, we are harbingers of desolation.
it is a museum of death. we are works of death.
we carry darkness and fear. we were made to fade.

i do not believe my lies. my body is afraid of me.
it resembles machetes halving a boy. a girl is down too.

we must run. so says the youth.
i see my reflection frown at me on the body of a machete.
i run. i fucking run.
we are a legion. bodies of varying shapes
forced to accept discomfort. we run.
Ekosodin disowns us.


Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie is a firefly, writer, poet, story teller & Nigerian by origin. His works have appeared online and in print on Praxis Magazine Online,  Prose & Poetry Hood, Tuck Magazine, Dwarts Magazine, Ace World, Storried, Syncity, Antarctica Journal & elsewhere. He’s a recipient of the 2017 Black Pride Magazine award for excellence in poetry. He studies English & Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria.

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