Image by VictoriaGel from Pixabay


have you paid attention to life and nature;
the way it was crafted and the bonds it has forged
with its elements?

have you for once, thought of the odd relationships
between the skies and the land –
the skies wetting the grounds with water
that the grounds cannot do without,
and how the grounds in turn,
contribute to the sweet essence of (nature?)

the world you see outside your window
is a romance between what you perceive
as real and the surreal;
you are then able to conceive and understand (or not)
why the rocks, in spite of their sturdy build, permit no footprints,
and why the trees, in spite of their soft exteriors
still allow the birds, with their talons, to perch undisturbed

you see, this world outside your window
is just plain imagery, a mix of muse and magic,
one minute the skies tell of love in
a sweet blend of red and orange hues,
and the next minute, it mourns the death of day
with parting hues of dull purples (shades of black)

the world outside your window
is not just bright days and dark nights,
it is a compromise of calculated proportions
between the sun and the moon,
a dialogue concluded over dinner in corners
where Mother Nature couldn’t interfere

this world outside your window
is not all calm and collected;
it is the understanding that exists
between the crashing waves and the sands at the shore,
the sands taking no offence at the incessant
drownings of their kind by the unapologetic waters

the world outside your window
is a sour blend of beauty and some ugly
how do you know?
it is in the unfair harmony
between the curled, pretty rose petals
and the thorns on its branches
that makes you wonder how something so beautiful
could cohabit cheerfully with another so vile
yet still retaining the allure that endears it to many

the world outside your window
could be an irony of silly definitions,
one kind of wind blows off a flame growing on a matchstick;
yet still, some infernos and bushfires are
fostered by same wind species

the world outside your window
is not just an expanse of green, lush grass
it’s the romance of sorts between the dirty earth
and the seed(s) – a bargain reached under
the glowing eyes of the sun

you know the world outside your window
is not just a casual notice of your next-door neighbour –
the Black man with his Asian wife and their four white kids;
you see it in the harmony and honest joy with which they all
say grace at the many dinners you’ve been invited to

let the world outside your window
be a reminder that the affairs of
this life are not meant to be comprehended (at least not in the way you go about it),
nor are claims of their veracity to be debated
some things are just meant to be trusted,
to be taken on faith – cold, blind and hard faith

and living this world outside your window
is faith!

Ivans Quist is a critical thinker and his poetry reflects the deep thoughts in his mind. He has always been a passionate lover of the arts and writing has always been his escape from the busyness of his normal subsistence as a research microbiologist. When not looking through the lens of a microscope, he can be found watching nature and volunteering for noble causes. At present, he writes from Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria and can be reached via his social media handles: Instagram – @ivans.quist * Twitter – @Ivans_Quist * Facebook –

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