Written by Tonye Willie Pepple

  • Oranges are not always sweet

We were all in the tray
With different shades of green
Washed in the rains of May
And arranged ten by ten

You passed and I heard you cough
I prayed you’d pass again, and
take me along with your stuff
to bring that phlegm to an end

You came again and I rejoiced
Only for a little while
Before you got brainwashed
That I’m no better than bile

After all said and done
You picked the usual one
dancing to the brainwash drum
coughing your way back home

Today you’re in a coughing spree
Before your neighbors son
And I’m liming his cup of tea
Listening to you complain
“Oranges are not always sweet

  • Hopeful

If other lives we live
Will bring our eyes again
To see the things we love,
And never let them run,
I would return as me
And enlist in an army
To salute when you arrive
And take you on a drive
To places you and I
Will live and never say bye
But for now that you are gone,
I only wish that you were mine

  • My Battlefield

I’m pregnant with longings
You have not midwifed
When I hold your arm
You say it’s for war
If I grip your thigh
It is battle hard,
My longings kick
In slippery wombs
But you are consumed
With battlefields and
enemy skulls on trophy
trays,you forget this
field,waging wars
with riot squads
of Eve’s hormones

Why look at him
with hateful eyes
And christen him
those coward names
leave him alone
and wage this war
waiting for you

I left the cord for
your warrior hands
to come and cut,
don’t look at him
with bloodied eyes,
He only helped to
to be the nurse
and quickly left
when you arrived,
He didn’t do your
midwife chores,
Don’t look at him
with such disdain
to add his skull
on your trophy trays


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