Sun at Midnight

To see into the heart is

to dive into a pool
sunlit at midnight –
luminous lit and absorbing city lights, colours of multi-flavoured Christmas,
holding memory of a lilac bouquet,
honeyed centers, a sunset horizon, and petalling into clouds of cool, dusk finality;

to swim, suddenly at one
with a chorus of candles, song a melting body, all form infused,
each shape in flux,
where one stops and the next begins: à la prochaine;

knowing how we are helium at an open window,
our escaping souls sought everywhere on earth and not.


Night Branches

Sunset dipped deeper than a fishnet of horizon could catch –
left stars suspended as our breath, one for each
our arms twisted as whorling branches,
withering snarls in silhouette.

I felt our struggles at the roots.
The time that waited the length of his dusty ever-day away
no closer to him than I, it was
as near, unendingly near –
he and I had become that intertwined.


Alicia Marie Lawrence graduated from the University of Victoria and received a Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College. She writes about personal connection and perseverance, and has poetry included in Island Writer, Chrysalis, WOO, In/Words Magazine, Umbrella Factory, The Acrobat, As/Us Journal and ditch, among others. Her poetry was nominated for The Pushcart Prize. She is a person with Plains Cree-Métis heritage and resides in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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