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What am I good for?

Memories like chainsaws,
What a misery; can network delay?
Block our ears? But our eyes hear.
I know in whose house;
Oh! What a knowledge of evil from Eve’s fruit.
Same house, same balcony, same stairs,
Couldn’t win a fifty if you tried.

Sell me the companion of fools,
Companion nevertheless.

Sanity like sawdust,
Perhaps if we skip breakfast and lunch
Binocular and a dove would arrive,
So we would try
As our midsection’s rumble,
We would ask and hear the thunder if lucky.

Hey! Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
What am I good for?

Christy Ogbenjuwa (LifeasChristy) is a writer from Nigeria. When she is not absorbed in the creation of poems and prose, you would find her creating exclusive meals. (She was a contributor in the AROUND THIS FIRE 4: Responses to Mary McCarthy’s “THINGS I WAS TOLD NOT TO THINK ABOUT” and also in the 2016 Contest Anthology Chapbook, all on Praxis.)

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