"The girl in the tree" © onetouch grafix

I Too Have a Brain
by Brindy B. Christ


Twins they called us;
Plucked from the same tree
But two different species, two different destinies;
He was predestined by the forest elders to become like the great Sagole Baobab
And I, manure for a species like him;

But all they forgot was I too had a brain.

I wasn’t allowed to sit on the western world benches like him, But
My ears and eyes learned time from the cock’s crows and sun’s moves,
My skin knew all the dry and rainy seasons
From the early morning dew and midday scorching sun,

My eyes captured the history of our land
From the scars on every century-old tree,
My hands held the answers of all body’s pains,
My legs the deep secrets of Kilimanjaro and brothers;

They forgot I too had a brain
They forgot I too could become like the great Sagole Baobab

They didn’t allow me to learn how to write on papyrus
They didn’t allow me to learn how to read hieroglyphs
Like him.

But I hold the wisdom of life
And will fight for it not to remain only mine.

I too have a brain…


poem: Brindy B. Christ is a student in Bilingual letters. She is a poet who also loves reading, and writing short stories and song lyrics. She is highly interested in the world’s cultural diversities.

photograph: “The girl in the tree” ©onetouch grafix

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